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Growing up,

Justin was raised by a single mother(Sonya Black-Harris) who worked hard to keep a roof over the heads of her three boys(Justin,Lathan and Jeshawn)Nothing was really too different about Justin than any other normal kid’s Childhood because she strived and made sure that her boys were in a good prayer based home. He loves sports, Particularly Football and Basketball. All his life he has been very artistic whether it was crafts, drawing, dancing, or what he so loves to do now, which is music. He always had a very vivid way of explaining things, meaning that his communication has always been for the most part above acceptable. On his spare time he likes to hang with his brothers(Jeshawn Graham & Lathan Black), of course record music and he also enjoys going to the club from time to time.

In many ways Justin is extremely talented and wants to expand his knowledge of the music industry by becoming a key ingredient to the reason why hip hop is still alive today. He has always put God first before anything and believes that through prayer and faith God can Bless you in more ways than are even imagined. Jayway landed his first successful record when he recorded “Shit Together” along with Face Luchi and Cha Soo Cold. This record really gave him the prominent fan base that he has the chance to expand today. Also along with “Shit Together” he did a hook named “Side Chick” in which in return also became a very well known song in over 15 different markets around the country.

Since then he has collaborated with veterans in the game such as (Bigga Rankin, Kevin Gates, Lil Boosie, Dj E Sudd, Strap da Fool, Big Bank DTE, Trouble) and much more. Bigga Rankin hosted his very first solo mixtape entitled “GodSpeed ” which did exceptionally well especially coming from a city where music has yet to earn the respect and culture identification as some other cities like Atlanta, Houston, LA, or NY. His second mixtape entitled “Monumental ” hosted by DJ E Sudd also did well continuing to grow his fanbase Jayway is well on his way. Today he is getting prepared to drop his third single mixtape entitled “GodSpeed Reloaded” which should definitely light the streets and clubs up as well as the radio.

Being on an EDM Monster OutBreak tour in 2015 with artists ( Rich the Kid, GTA, and K Camp) really gave him a different experience of the industry, and in return, it has definitely rubbed off showing that he is now a lot more polished to step two foots into the industry. It is not an overstatement to say that Jayway Sosa will be one of the most consistent and talented artists to ever share their gift with the game. With the love from his family, God, fans and his friends supporting him he will soon be one of the biggest names in the music world.

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